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Diploma of Business

CRICOS Course ID: 0100516

The Diploma of Business at Leaders Institute provides a thorough grounding in the functional issues of business and to equip students for work in a range of business positions. It is a comprehensive business program with emphasis on agribusiness. It seeks to provide graduates with a broad understanding ofthe key theories and principles of business operations and management as well exposure to, and experience in, practical business tasks and functions necessary to not just work in, but also to thrive and prosper in, today’s competitive business and industry environments.

The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive, interdisciplinary education in business with special reference to agribusiness by combining important business-related subjects – management, accounting, marketing, agricultural economics, introduction to agribusiness production and management. Throughout the course, a continuous focus is placed on sustainability – a central concern in business and agribusiness particularly as changing dietary habits and demand for quality products and sustainable production processes increasingly clash with resource scarcity caused, in part, by a rising global demand for food and fiber. As a result, this course not only prepares graduates for current market issues, but for future ones as well. Graduates will have developed an understanding of ethical business practice and the elements of good governance, how to communicate effectively, and how to manage people and promote organisational change and innovation.

In keeping with the leadership ethos of the Institute, the Diploma of Business also includes units that seek to promote and develop the so called ‘soft skills’ and Leadership skills which are increasingly required and expected within a business environment.

The program, seeks to produce graduates who are market-and-business ready and who will be able to work in small and large businesses in the areas of management, administration, agribusiness, finance and accounts, marketing, or business development. Graduates will also be equipped to run their own business.

The program encourages lifelong learning, ethical practice and development of critical thinking skills. Students will discover their own strengths and will be equipped to become effective and ‘impactful’ leaders in business.

Upon completion of this course, students will be eligible to articulate into the second year of the Bachelor of Agribusiness.

Career Outcome

Graduating students will possess professional expertise that allows them to enter and contribute to a range of fields including - Accounting, Commerce, and Agribusiness, Administration Business, Management, Retail Manager, Sales Representative, Business Ownership

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