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Diploma of Commerce

CRICOS Course ID: 0100517

The purpose of the Diploma of Commerce at Leaders Institute is to provide a thorough grounding in the functional issues in commerce and business and to equip students for work in a range of commercial and accounting positions. The course also allows students who, for lack of confidence or work-study-life balance reasons, do not feel that they can enrol in a full bachelor-degree initially, to articulate into the Bachelor of Accounting at Leaders Institute.

The Diploma of Commerce is an entry level commerce course with emphasis on accounting. It provides graduates with a broad understanding of the key practical, technical and theoretical accounting knowledge and skills and principles of general business operations and management. 

They are exposed to, and will have experience in, practical business tasks and functions necessary to not just work in, but also to thrive and prosper in, today’s competitive business and commercial environments.

The purpose of the Diploma of Commerce curriculum is to provide a comprehensive, interdisciplinary education in commerce: whilst focussing on accounting it combines with important business-related subjects like management, marketing, economics, applied statistics, computer systems, and organisational management.

As a result, this course not only prepares graduates for current market issues, but for future ones as well. Graduates will have learned how to generate accurate financial and management reports for decision making, how to communicate effectively, how to promote organisational change and manage people, and have an appreciation of ethical business practice and the elements of good governance.

In keeping with the leadership ethos of Leaders Institute the Diploma of Commerce also includes units that promote and develop the so called ‘soft skills’ and leadership skills which are increasingly required and expected within a business environment.

Graduates will be commerce, accounting, market-and-business ready and will be able to work in small and large businesses in the areas of finance and accounts, management, administration, marketing, business applications and systems or business development. Graduates will also be equipped to run their own businesses.

The course encourages lifelong learning and ethical practice and development of critical thinking skills. Students will discover their own strengths and will be equipped to become effective and ‘impactful’ leaders in business.

Students will develop and apply theoretical knowledge and understanding to a variety of authentic learning tasks and assessments including case studies, reports, portfolios, oral presentations, and practical exercises individually and in small teams. Assessments will include projects reflecting real world industry-based problems.

Upon completion of this course, students will be eligible to articulate into the second year of the Bachelor of Accounting.

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