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Master of Business Administration (Agribusiness)

CRICOS Course ID: 111900G

Australia is a world leader in sustainable agriculture and production of food and fibre. Inadequate production and uneven distribution of food has lately become a high priority global concern regarding food security. This, coupled with changing global norms reflected in World Trade Organisation (WTO) rulings, increased global competitiveness, and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic invites a tremendous need for professional courses in Agribusiness, and makes it one of the most challenging and exciting sectors to be in. Globally, there is a severe a shortage of agribusiness professionals. The Leaders Institute’s MBA (Agribusiness) is ideally placed to prepare professionals in the field of Agribusiness.

A field as vast and important as agribusiness has wide range of career prospects. The Leaders Institute MBA in Agribusiness will help students to reap satisfying employment outcomes and make valuable contributions to the sector, given its challenges and opportunities. This course emphasises participating in advancements and management of agribusiness. The focus is on the sustainability and the knowledge acquired by the graduate revolves around the business of agriculture ‘from farm to fork’. The topics involved explore the innovative strategies that can be employed to achieve the objective of sustainable food and fibre production, processing, and distribution.

The MBA (Agribus) is designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in careers with agricultural input supply, agricultural production, commodity assembly and processing, agricultural marketing organizations, and agricultural technology. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills, that will make them market- and-business ready to work in small and large businesses in the functions of agribusiness management. Graduates will also be equipped to be self-employed and to establish their own businesses and employ others.

The course encourages all graduates to be advocates of lifelong learning and ethical practice through membership of professional associations and industry peak bodies.

The objective of the course is to transform the students into graduates who are competent professional agribusiness managers across the value chain that spans from ‘farm to fork’, across scales from the local community to global market. Career pathways may include but are not limited to:

  • Farm management

  • Agribusiness management

  • Agriculture and resource economy

  • Sales and marketing of agribusiness input and outputs

  • Rural banking and rural finance

  • Agricultural consultancy service

  • Research centres

  • Government and non-government organisations including government departments and research establishments, universities, industry marketing and research organisations, representative and peak bodies, and multilateral agencies.

The course structure is based on four semesters (each semester is 12 teaching weeks, plus one review week and one exam week).

  • 120 credit points of core

  • 40 credit points of elective

To qualify for award of Master of Business Administration (Agribusiness) a student shall accrue an aggregate of at least 160 credit points, including satisfactory completion of the core units noted below.


BC400 Communication and Media Management

EC400 Agribusiness Economics and Finance

MG401 Leadership in Agribusiness

MK400 Agribusiness Marketing


AC400 Agribusiness Accounting

AP501 Food, Fibre, and Protein

EC501 International Economic Development

IM401 Introduction to Agroinformatics


MG502 Agribusiness Strategic Management

RS501 Research Methodology

2 x electives


AB500 Agribusiness Capstone

MG501 Value Chain Management in Agribusiness

2 x electives

More Information

For more information about elective units see the List of Units.

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