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Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GCBA) is designed to produce graduates who can make a positive contribution to society in the business field. The course will challenge students to analyse, critically evaluate, and communicate advanced and technical knowledge of business administration theories in a range of real-world scenarios. Graduates will be able to demonstrate the autonomy, expert judgement, adaptability, and responsibility required of successful business leaders in an ever-changing and complex world.

The structure of this course is based on the first semester of the Leaders Institute Master of Business Administration (MBA), allowing graduates to fast-track into the second semester of the MBA. It also enables students to exit the GDBA or MBA, due to unforeseen personal or professional reasons, after the first semester with a fully accredited qualification.

Graduates of the GCBA may find employment in leadership and management roles in a relevant occupational field, such as: business and professional organisations; entrepreneurial start-ups; and not-for-profit organisations; as well as educational institutions that require skills in research and critical thinking. Additionally, graduates may choose to return to further studies in business administration.

The course structure is based on one semester (each semester is 12 teaching weeks, plus one review week and one exam week).

  • 30 credit points of core

  • 10 credit points of electives

To qualify for the award of GCAB a student shall accrue an aggregate of at least 40 credit points, including satisfactory completion of the core units noted below.


BC400 Communication and Media Management

EC401 Economics and Finance

MK401 Marketing Innovation

1 x elective

More Information

For more information about elective units see the List of Units.

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