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Leaders Institute has no tolerance for sexual misconduct and expectations are explained clearly during staff induction and student orientation. There are safe spaces for students to raise concerns, seek help and support, and report incidents of sexual misconduct. All individuals involved are treated fairly, impartially, and with compassion and empathy, while adhering to the principles of procedural fairness in proceedings or decisions. Immediate action is taken after receiving a sexual misconduct report to prevent its recurrence and address its effects.

In response to the Respect.Now.Always initiative begun by Universities Australia and the Change the Course Reports published by the Australian Human Rights Commission, we ensure that the Leader Institute community on campus and online is safe, inclusive, and well informed about matters of welfare.

The Institute is committed to providing a safe on-campus and online student learning environment which includes:

  • professional development for all staff on prevention of and responses to sexual misconduct;

  • central location for all information regarding sexual misconduct prevention and response in the Staff Portal and Student Portal;

  • clearly identify disrespectful attitudes and behaviours and proactively talk and teach about appropriate relationships.


The Leaders Institute Student Support Team has trained First Responders on campus and online. Please contact:

First Responders will:

  • support you by listening to what you choose to share - their first priority is your wellbeing;

  • show you the available support services;

  • show you how to report to the Institute and/or to the police;

  • maintain confidentiality of all parties unless legally required to report to the police.

If you experience sexual misconduct, Leaders Institute recommends that you:

  • seek support from a trusted source such as a family member, an external provider, or a Leaders Institute staff member, such as the Registrar, a Student Support Officer;

  • limit the number of people you inform so that investigations are impartial, and your privacy is protected;

  • complete the Sexual Misconduct Report Form independently or with the help of the Student Support Officer;

  • If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is dealt with, you can seek further advice from an outside agency such as the Human Rights Commission or other relevant government agency;

  • students and staff members may choose to report the incident to the police. In the case of an emergency please dial 000 for the police, fire, or ambulance. If the situation is not an emergency, please call your local police station. There are anonymous reporting options also. You can take a support person with you when making a report to the police.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact:

External Support Services

There are national and state based external support services, such:

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Processes

The procedure for notification and resolution of a grievance related to sexual misconduct is outlined in the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy.

This policy also outlines the process for reporting and responding to SASH incidents: Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Reporting Flow Chart (PDF).


Criminal offences include, but are not limited to, physical molestation or assault, indecent exposure, obscene communications (included email), sexual assault, rape, and stalking. To report an incident, please follow the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy.

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