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Legal Services

International students may face a range of legal issues that are specific to their situation, including visa issues, employment law, tenancy law, and discrimination.

In Australia, legal services are offered for Leaders Institute international students in Brisbane or Sydney, including:

  • Legal Aid Queensland or Legal Aid New South Wales are government-funded support service that provides free legal advice and represents people who cannot afford a lawyer.

  • Various organisations provide free and confidential legal advice to international students, including Caxton Legal Centre in Brisbane or Redfern Legal Centre in Sydney. These services are independent of the government.

  • Australian Human Rights Commission: an independent body that investigates and resolves cases of discrimination and human rights violations. International students who face discrimination can lodge a complaint with the commission.

  • Migration Agents: if you need legal assistance with your visa application or immigration issues, engaging a registered migrant agent can be helpful. Migration agents are professionals who are registered with the Australian government and can provide advice on immigration matters.

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