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Diversity and Equity

Leaders Institute is committed to providing an environment for staff and students that recognises and values diverse cultures, abilities, contributions, experiences, and backgrounds. As noted in the Diversity and Equity Policy, the Institute fosters a community that is free from discrimination based on income, age, disability, social and ethnic background, location, or gender. Leaders Institute encourages the admission of First Nations Peoples through admission pathways and student support. First Nations Peoples cultures are also incorporated throughout curriculum content.

Students who are seeking special consideration regarding a diagnosed disability (vision, hearing, physical, psychological, neurological, medial, learning), whether short term or ongoing, and can provide appropriate documentation from a professional health practitioner, may be eligible for disability support. Students seeking special consideration should complete the Study Adjustments Request Form. If you are unsure if you are eligible, or wish to find out more, please contact Student Support:

Diversity and equity are supported through range of other policies, including:

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