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Academic Integrity and Artificial Intelligence


We are living in exciting times with the rapid evolution of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). Leaders Institute recognises that GenAI presents significant opportunities to enhance learning, teaching, scholarship, and research. Curriculum content in all our courses incorporates innovative and positive uses of GenAI to set graduates up to be work ready plus. This also applies to our Internship Program where students can see first-hand the operationalisation of GenAI in industry. However, it is also vital that GenAI is used responsibly, so that students are not skipping steps in the learning journey.


How to Use AI Responsibly

As explained the Academic Integrity Policy, Leaders Institute takes an educative, formative, and ethical approach throughout the whole student life cycle. When using GenAI in assessments, transparency is key, and these instances should be properly referenced. The APA style guide includes recommendations and examples for citing the use of GenAI.


Training in the appropriate use of GenAI is included during Orientation, non-graded formative assignments prior to Census Date, and ongoing workshops and tutorials throughout the semester. Practical assessments that focus on experimentation, personal reflection, and group work ensure students meet course and unit learning outcomes.

Diversity and equity are paramount for the Institute, so assessment criteria across all courses stipulate free open access GenAI only. There is no advantage gained by paying for subscription licensed GenAI.


Identifying GenAI in Assessments

Leaders Institute academic staff utilise Turnitin to assess academic integrity, including:

  • similarity of content;

  • appropriate referencing;

  • GenAI writing tools (20% and over should be reviewed by the lecturer); 

  • mixture of quotation marks;

  • changes in writing style within a paper;

  • a sudden improvement in writing style;

  • paper veering away from the topic;

  • lack of recent reference sources or unusual references, and common phrases appearing in more than one paper;

  • inappropriate use of correct terminology.


Students may respond to any allegations of a breach of academic integrity via the Complaints, Grievances, and Appeals Policy.


More information and resources are available in the Student Portal. For further help, please contact the Student Support Team: 


Policies Framework

The Institute has a comprehensive framework of policies and process regarding academic integrity and GenAI. Please see:


Related Documents / Sources


External Documents

  • Higher Education Standards Framework (2021)

  • The National Code 2018

  • TEQSA Guidance Note: Academic Integrity

  • TEQSA: AI – A Regulatory Approach

  • TEQSA: Academic Integrity in the creative arts: a special case

  • Australian Academic Integrity Network (AAIN) GenAI Guidelines

  • Australian Copyright Council

  • Arts Law Centre of Australia

  • Creative Commons

  • Protocols for Using First Nations Cultural and Intellectual Property in The Arts

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